Recorded dvd won't play in Computer



I have two combo units, a Panasonic and an LG. I have copied VHS tapes to DVD using both of these units. I have finalized the DVD’s. The resulting DVD will play in all of my DVD players, Sony, Toshiba and others. They will not play in my computer. I have a Dell, P4, 3 ghz, great video card, two gigs of RAM, WIN XP Media Center. Using Windows Explorer, I can see there is one folder, Video_TS containing files on the DVD. They are .bup, .ifo and .vob. There is no Audio_TS folder. Everything works when playing these in a set top DVD player. Nothing works when playing in my computer. The files are not associated to any program. I have no problem playing commercial DVD’s, CD and anything else. I have several programs on my computer for playing different movies, etc. I think I’m missing something to make the association. I tried these DVD’s in my computer, my laptop, my wife’s laptop and finally in my wife’s desktop. It works in her aging HP desktop, but not in any of the others.

Suggestions, please.

Thanks, Phil :sad:


If the disc only fails when you use the Dell it seems there is not a problem of the disc.
The missing Audio_TS should be there as it is part of the normal DVD structure (even if there is nothing inside), but it seems the other drives don’t care about it.
Have you tried another brand of media? Maybe your Dell doesn’t like the one you’re using or the discs are not the most appropriate to your recorders and produce a copy that it is not accepted by a more “sensitive” PC drive.


It’s not the disk. As I said, it doesn’t work in two laptops, either. I’ve used the same disks in the Dell to burn other data, no probs. It’s a real puzzle…

Thanks for the response.