Recorded DVD Freezes on DVD Player

The video plays perfectly on computer but not on dvd player.
I use 1clickdvd copy 4.2 then copy to dvd program. i write to DVD +R and even though enough memory 3.84 gb for the movie when the disc is played on my dvd player it freezes at about 6 minutes into the movie. I have tried writing to DVD-R but get the message write has failed at beginning of burning process most of time it is media compatibility.
My burner is Nero Smart Start 6 and when I try to use this program directly claims disc under sized for memory.

Question 1, how do I stop the freezing and 2, can I not write onto DVD +.

I am totally green at these proceedures, but have spent countless hours trying to perform. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Welcome to CD Freaks forum.

What’s the name of your dvd player.

What’s the name of your burner and firmware version.

What’s the mediacode of the disc you use. Use DVDIdentifier to retreive mediacode.

What is the full version #'s of both 1click and copytodvd? What decrypter are you using? What are your computer specs? How old is the computer and has it ever been reformatted since purchasing?

These questions are inportant for us to help you!