Recorded DVD file not recognised but playable on Power DVD

I have a bit of a problem here with no idea as to how to remedy it.
I recorded a newly-purchased, commercial VHS [it’s not available on DVD – this was the next best thing] onto DVD using my Hyundai DVR-900A DVD+R/RW recorder.
When I insert the disk into my Asus DVD burner, the icon changes from DVD-RAM drive to CD drive [no DVD lettering of any sort is displayed on the CD icon].
I can’t play it on my Pioneer DVD player [DV-686A] which normally plays anything in the shape of a CD/DVD.
I can’t even play it in the recorder that made the recording. However, when I put it into my Asus DVD burner, the Microsoft autoplay pops up, describing it as a CD and giving me options for a CD [Burn a CD, Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer, etc] – however, if I chose, say, the “Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer” option, the folder opens and it’s blank and states that the folder contains 0 bytes.
BUT – and here’s the weird thing [for me anyway]; I can play the disc on Power DVD.
I can’t get DVD Shrink to recognise it [NO DISC], likewise with DVD Decrypter.
VideoReDo also, does not recognise it
Any ideas?
What format is this file in and how can I copy it, edit it, etc when I can’t even find a file to work with?
Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.

First of all you need to finalize the disc. Most products cannot cope with open sessions.

The format is probably not normal DVD vob files, but a lot of other files. Copy these files to a map on your system and try playing them with VLC. If it does, you should also be able to make a new dvd of it by using Nero Burning Rom.