Recorded DVD Editing problem

I recently purchased a Lite-On LVW-1105HC+ DVD recorder, it works fine and records perfectly but its when i go to edit what i’ve recorded is when i have a problem. I am using LÖGIK DVD+RW and when i put the disc into my computer i can only play the disc with the computers dvd player software. When i go to view the files they seem uncompatable with every thing.

Is it something i’ve done wrong, wrong dvd type, etc…

Any help and advice would be well appriciated.


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Have you tried ripping with DVD Decrypter? If you just copy the files or open them directly from the disc it won’t work.

DVD decrypter? im not the biggest computer whizz so bare with me. Do i have to purchase that or is it a free download?

It’s free. You can download it from

ok i have downloaded the decrypter, which copies all the files from the dvd onto my hard-drive. But it comes up with wierd files that say they are only 12kb when a whole 30 minutes of film is on it.

The “VIDEO_TS.VOB” file contains the menu, and the “VTS_01_1.VOB” file contains the video.

ok, great! but now how do i convert the “VTS_01_1.VOB” into a video file that is readable? Do i just right click and say view with windows media player? or something to that effect.

It should work in Windows Media Player.