Recorded data quality



Hello all !
Is there any software that verifies the quality of the data recorded on a CD or DVD, to check if it´s not corrupted, for an example?
The reason that I´m asking this is that sometimes I burn a DVD and when I watch the movie days later, it freezes because the file is demaged.
Thanks, Marcelo


Don’t know how you recorded it, but CD Check is nice - it can verify just the readability of the data, or, if you recorded a directory, you can even compare the entire contents, to make sure it was identical. The latter version does not work if you burn from ISO.


What brand are the dvd’s you are burning. Cheap dvd’s have a bad habit of doing this, and they only get worse. Use good media if you don’t want to have problems.


Thank you all for your help !
CDCheck was very useful to check the data quality recorded on the DVD. Thanks for the advice !
The problem is the cheap media that sometimes burn without error and sometimes burn with a lot of errors.
I´ve already tried to slow the burning speed, but I´m still getting problems, and the biggest is that I have more 47 of these discs to go, I bought 50 of them because of the cheap price. Basicly, I´m screwed.
Any ideas on how can I avoid this errors on burning ?
Thanks again, Marcelo


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