Recorded area of the disc is not darker

Hi all,
I’m running low of options for buying CD-R’s… :confused: all the good media is not being shipped to where I live anymore. I now can only find CMC (TDK), Moser Baer (Verbatim) or InfoDisc (Samsung) around.
From that load of crap I’ve been having more success with CMC, but I noticed something weird about it. After the recording, supposedly the recorded area of the disc gets darker, but on these ones this is almost unnoticeable. I have to put it against light and try very hard to find the boundary between recorded and not recorded. I’m afraid that could indicate an even worse quality on this disc than my other options… is that so?

Yeah got the same with my MCS-RITEKS. I think its normal with highspeed Phtalocianin Discs.

The “silver/silver” doesn’t tend to change much - never found one where I couldn’t see the edge of the burn, but it always takes some looking!