Recordable Media - "Types"

Hi there,
I am rather new to this forum…

I just bought a NEW Pacific Digital CD RW burner… I have a whole spindle of CD-R’s but for some reason my burner wont burn to them, just gets an error messgae in NERO, it goes through a succesful BURN, but nothing appears on the Media. or the drive is inaccessable.
Then I turned on the “Veryify Data”, then an error message occurs. These are “Nashua” CD-R’s, well so they say on the CD.

However, the CD Media that came WITH the Burner (Dr. DATA) in the box WORKED!

What is the reason for this? and why?

I might have to go out and find a certain brand name? or type of CD’s for this type of burner?

If thats the case, what should I purchase?