Recordable discs more expensive in 2013 - 50% increase predicted

Recordable discs more expensive in 2013 - 50% increase predicted.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The chairman of CMC Magnetics predicts that prices of CD, DVD and Blu-ray recordables will go up next year

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Good to know. I mainly use memory cards to play music in my vehicles, but a DJ mix needs to be burned on a cd-r without gaps to be fully enjoyable.

I also burn Audio-dvds to make huge DJ mixes without the audio gap.

I really don’t need any since I burn only a handful a year. Whatever cds/dvds I don’t use can be hung on a string from a tree on a country road to help deter deer from running on the road. :smiley:

I burn a lot of cd’s these day. Price increase = :sad:.

[QUOTE=TSJnachos117;2670960]I burn a lot of cd’s these day. Price increase = :sad:.[/QUOTE]
Well you can stock up now while they’re cheap. By the way, this is the opinion of only one guy in the industry so whether or not it becomes reality remains to be seen.

So the 5 disks a year that I burn will now cost $2.00 instead of $1.00.
Not exactly a hardship.
Just bought a bunch of 16gig thumb drives for $10.00 each!
They’re physically smaller than a disk but have greater capacity, read and write faster than a disk, and don’t require any special software to burn.
The multiple Cassette and CD cases that once filled my car are now contained on One thumb drive!
I should buy disks because?

I don’t seem to burn nearly as many discs as I used to. Mostly because I switched to bluray’s for my backups. They hold so much more. I’ve got piles of dvd’s and dvd-dl’s that only get used when I need to burn something smaller. Even a 30 pack of Verbatim Blu-ray’s last’s me quite the while.

I would of hoped bluray price’s would of come down as the technology matures, but I also realize optical backup is a dying format, and most people don’t have the patience to backup their stuff.

I have been hearing that optical discs are a dying format for over 15 years now. It may be declining because of the various other options from which to choose but it is hardly dying.

Olddancer, only for permanent backups really. Many copies of important backups for cheap…
And for music, but I’m an audio enthusiast and like to listen to CDs. Also my '98 Camry only plays CDs :slight_smile:
Flash drives can die easily I have seen it. They are more appropriate for moving data not long term backup. Ever insert your drive in a PC and get the message that it needs to be formatted because the file system or partition got nuked ? Very frustrating…

Happy new year all!

That happens to me on a every once in a while. However, I always “fix” the issue by removing the drive, and reinserting it. I don’t recall having ever needed to reformat a flash drive due to corruption, although that happened with a hard drive, once. Perhaps you just have a bad model? Or maybe a glitchy USB hub?

I do actually agree that optical disks can potentially complicate things. Finding burning software can be a pain, especially if you (like me) hate spending good money on overrated bloatware (cough cough Nero cough). I’ll bet even the music and film industries will eventually abandon optical media for either flash storage, or magnetic disk storage, the former being the most likely.

Supply and demand will dictate the prices… however, tech is spoiling to create a cyclical trend of boom/bust cycles which are deeper and more damaging to real competition… lower production and higher prices can potentially worsen the entire tech industry’s position… Consumers expect price trends to be down over time, and when these dont’ meet their expectations, they will cut back and we’ve seen this trend when bubbles are artifically or genuinely created in the marketplace… sometimes a combination of both… the most recent being Hard Drive pricing which was on a tailspin downard in street prices got sent to the moon due to one country’s production facilities getting trashed.

I’m not one that buys into the theory that every consumer product should follow the greedy trends we’ve seen in energy prices-- most notably OIL & GASOLINE prices. There are more global trends which can wag this dog’s tail than you think…