Recordable Discs and General Question - Which Ones To Buy?

I recently bought a pack of recordable CDs so that I could burn my music. They are TDK 700 mb CDRs.
I have used this same format with another brand before for burning, but my machine will not recognize these new CDs. It either says no media detected to burn to, or to insert disk as if there was no disk in there at all!
I have an Intel Pentium 4 CPU, compaq evo mintower.
Do I need to buy a higher speed disc perhaps?
I am confused, as I was able to record previously on the maxwell CD-R discs, but not these.
Where can I find some general information on what these numbers on the discs mean, like 700 mb, 4 x, etc. and what numbers I need to look for, for my machine?
Thanks for any help y’all can muster up for me!

Could you please tell us what DVD or CD writer you have on your computer…?