Record tv, shows sent from pc?

I have my pc connected to my tv.and i watch old shows and movies from the internet, is there a way to record them ,I have a vcr&dvd recorder.The pc. to tv is on line 1 ,the recorder’s on line 2 for tv.I have tried to figure it out , with no luck.with the tv being used as a monitor may be you can’t do it. Thanks for any info you can give me on this. xbill

You should have no problem, recoding shows to your dvd recorder.

Not if you have TV as monitor. But if you have a video card with S-Video out and DVD recorder take that, than you can hook that and audio out from audio card and record.

Thanks , I connected, s ,video to dvd recorder and now i can record the shows, thanks a gain for the reply. xbill