Record the DVD sound

Recently i download dvd to mp3 trail edition, but it has several restrictions, i was browsing my archives and i found this glorious copy o cool edit and that rang a bell in my head, I started the dvd and start recording that simple the sound recorded from the Dvd was excellent, you should try this @ home, works great!!!


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In order to record the DVD sound ? Yes, this works as long as your soundcard allows it. Not all of them have the “wav” or “what you hear” channel included in the record mixer.

Nivejail,how is that TDK burner? Is it the dual format one,or the ‘+R’ version? It looks sharp,but I want to know if works
just as sharp…:cool:

yes is the +r version of the tdks, its working great until now… i t has a very good table of compatible media