Record Television shows to a normal CDR

I just posted the article Record Television shows to a normal CDR….

A company from Singapore has created a VCD-recorder, which is capable of recording television shows on a normal CD.

They say they have created the replacement for the VHS video recorder. For…

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it sound like a cool toy. to bad for its totally fucked up design… how can you place this ugly thing in your living room ? it doesn`t even fit underneath your TV…

Just saw a review on MSNBC:

LOL @ xian :4 Your right, what an ugly shit blob of plastic it looks, v cool idea though :slight_smile:

VERY nice Idea :8 It would be even better if it wrote to writeable DVD discs - then we’d have the VHS beater! OK so the proce would go up, but hey it’s (fairly) expensive at the moment anyway…

Well, Aktiv8, the DVD-RW recordings won’t take long before they start appearing on the commercial consumer market. Philips has already planned a DVD+RW VideoDrive by October of this year. The hardware is already finished, but it only needs some further implementation of the functions the users can do with it… Want to know more about it?? Take a look at to see more about the VAE8010 DVD+RW drive.