Record streaming audio with random start time

I wish to record live online broadcasts of basketball games while away from my computer but the “station” is only broadcasting live during the game, which I am at. The start time is not preset. How can I get my computer and/or software to begin recording when the station/broadcast goes online and stop recording when it goes offline? I have played with Windows XP’s “Schedule Tasks” and have “Total Recorder” and “Audacity”. Is there some way to get my recording software or some program to start when a broadcast goes online? Or is there a way to have the connection to the URL/address stay open until the broadcast begins? Currently if I click on the link to “listen now”, if it’s before the broadcast begins, I get an error message from whatever program/service is used to broadcast.

Total Recorder might be able to do that. In the ‘accelerated’ mode it starts recording only when the stream is present. That assumes you can keep the URL open and waiting for the stream to start. Post the URL if you want me to give it a go.

The web page is where I click “Click Here To Listen” is

And this is what Widnows media player tries to play:

Good Luck and Thanks