Record speed query, please. Quickie

I just got an ES-20. I am copying old VHS tapes to DVD.
The tapes are about 20 years old. My question is simple:
Will recording old tapes in the 1 hour mode produce better quality than recording in the 2 hour mode.

Not according to the reports and tests I read over on Stick to 2 hour.

Thank you for the response.

Actually it has a lot to do with the quality of the encoder chip. You would be very surprised. A good quality encoder can give very good results in 2 hour mode, which is around 4.8mbps(video). Also, if your source has a lot of motion you will want to use a higher bitrate. What I have noticed on DVD recorders is the presence of more visible artifacts compared to the same bitrates on a PC with a good encoder card.

I use an ADS Instant DVD 2.0 and that are virtually no artifacts even down to 4mbps, and far less on difficult scenes than on standard dvd recorders.

If your recorder or PC supports it, use HALF-D1 recording mode…You really don’t need full D1 for VHS as VHS resolution limited. Half D1 is 352x480 which is quite enough for VHS… A 2mbit/s Half-D1 would be equivalent in quality to a 4mbit since the bitrate is used more efficiently.

Sorry Greg, but your reply went over my head. I don’t know what Half-D1 is or anything about the bitrates. All I know is that the ES-20 offer 4 record speeds that allow for 1 hour, 2 hour 4 or 6 on a DVD.

No half-D1 for ES20 anyways.

I agree that the chip encoding algorithm makes a big difference. I originally bought a Philips DVDR3355 and it runs half-D1 in LP (4-hr mode). Compare to the ES20’s LP in full-D1 (also 4-hr mode), I was surprised to find out that the Philips showed more macroblocks than the ES20. That’s the main reason I returned the Philips and keep the ES20.