Record satellite and anteanna to vcr

ok here’s my situation. these friends of mine have both a satellite receiver and a tv antenna for local shows. (so they dont have to pay extra to dish network) anway they want to record to their vcr from both the dish and the antenna without having to move cables around of course. here’s what they have.

tv: AV IN 1
coax IN

satellite: coax satellite IN
coax to tv
coax antenna IN

VCR: mono AV IN
mono AV Out
coax IN
coax OUT

here is what i was thinking.
-coax from antenna wall jack to vcr coax in
-rca cable from vcr AV OUT to tv AV1
-coax from satellite wall jack to Satellite receiver coax in
-coax from satellite receiver to tv ant in
-rca cable from AV out on satellite receiver to AV in on vcr

will this work? thanks so much for any input!


It might work,but you didnt say what kind of a T.V. it is?
HDTV or CRT. If it’s a CRT just use the yellow,red,and white
audio,video cables,and record through video setting on your T.V.
For the antenna stations just connect your antenna cable to
output on thhe vcr,and the run a cable from the input cable of
your vcr to the antenna cable connection,and record on channel
3 from your t.v.