Record, remove commercial and burn DVD

Is there a software that can:

  • schedule TV recordings and record the programs
    It should be able to accumulate the recording, eg a recording of Channel x from 1-2pm and another of Channel y from 3-4pm

  • automatically remove all the commercials
    Should be accurate enough so that it does not leave out any commercials or remove any of the program segments

  • burn the DVD (that is already placed in the DVD writer)
    I should be able to specify that at the end of the 2nd or 3rd recordings, it will burn all the accumulated recordings to a DVD-RW

What I want is to do my programming the night before, then go to work and when I’m back, I have a DVD of all the shows already burned, minus the commercials !

If there isn’t, anyone with an idea how we can string up the available software now that can achieve this ?

There are many but no one will be able to give you any useful info as long as you dont post required info like the reception standard used…

Oh… I’m using Happauge PVR150 and PAL. What else do I need to provide ?