Record Player



Hey everyone. I’m looking for a good record player. I’m pretty dissatisfied with my current one, but then again it was relatively cheap. Still, a turntable playing a quarter-tone too sharp isn’t ideal for someone with absolute pitch.

So, I live in Canada, and I don’t even really know where to start looking. I’m probably looking at getting something within the $300-$400 range. I want something with excellent sound quality, preferrably with EQ control and absolutely must have pitch control. Also, something that allows calibration (I hear that’s for eliminating wavering pitch?) would be nice and a model that’s reliable and has readily available replacement styli.

I don’t know about amps and preamps. I guess something with a built-in preamp would be more convenient, but I know nothing of how this affects sound quality so if it’s better to get an amp, I’ll definitely get one. Also, if that’s the case, I’d like a suggestion for one of those too please.

I’ll be doing most listening through headphones. They’re pretty expensive, and I might even be replacing them with more expensive ones so assume I want good sound quality from the record player, because I’ll definitely be able to tell. I’ll probably be doing some listening on speakers, but I’ve got a medium-end stereo that can handle that. So, speakers and headphones are covered. Just need suggestions for turntable + (if needed) the amp.




I’m also looking for some of your personal opinions on brand names that are reliable, belt drive vs direct drive, stuff like that. I’m not going to find definitive answers on that stuff in the descriptions.

Also, Froogle’s location finder doesn’t seem to be too friendly with Canadian addresses.


kinda OT, but wouldn’t it be awesome if someone invented a record burner! it would be so cool to be able to back up your CDs/LPs to vinyl :cool: