Record Now Max Speed Hack Needed

dose any one here know were to get that file that makes it when u use record now max when u pick the mid min or max burn speed to were it will say 2x 4x 6x 8x on the drop down box? i got some 8x media but i cant tell if its burning at 4x or 8x seems to be takeing same amount of time as a 4x media and my burner is a lite on that burns 16x +r and 8x -R and burn duel layer as well i had this crack awhile back but i lost it when i formatted my pc i got it off which is no longer up.

The Firmware Page can be accessed using the domain. is no longer used. is easier, no? :wink:

The only thing that I can think of that you might have used is the modified file mentioned here.

yeah thats it but only thing is i found out it only works on my pioneer a06 >:( i got both a a06 and a lite on 1633s and with the lite on it will only do max min and mid :frowning: but on the a06 it lets me pick the speed