Record Now Max Need new PX Burn Engine

Have record now max v4.60 i need new px drv burn engine for newer (08) drives.

Anyone have all the px files for updating to the newer drives for 18x speed ?

Have you considered updating the software itself to something more current? Personally, I use Ashampoo Burning Studio precisely because the drive list is updated as needed. Not only that but there have been no coasters generated.
Just my 2 cents

I would if one were of any use better than RNMax v4.6 truth is they are crapp, overbloated bloatware that install other uneeded crap besides.

I don’t use RNMax because of choice it is only because all else is shiite. The only exception is ImgBurn or DVDDecryptor, but neither of them have a gui interface like normal burning programs. If they did and kept all the current options then ImgBurn would sure be the first choice for many.

I found out that if i rip apart modern RNMax or simailar softwares the files are in there. Will be a simple enough job to do, to keep alive good software.