Record Now Max and LG 4163b



Has anyone used Record Now Max 4.5 with their LG 4163b?
I’m trying to get RNM 4.5 to recognize my LG 4163b but to no avail.



I followed these instructions and it worked fine:
Recordnow 4.5 with newer drives


You are saying that following the instructions at that site and using the pxdrv.dll file it links to you had your GSA-4163B recognized as a valid drive? Umm that’s nonsense as I’ve downloaded and searched that pxdrv.dll file and not only doesn’t it include ANY settings for the GSA-4163B, it includes NO settings for ANY of the GSA series of LG drives…and the problem with RNM 4.5 and 4.6 is they can’t recognize ANY drive not explicitly described in that file. :a


I tried everything at that site also and couln’t get RNM to recognize my LG drive.


m8 , I just can’t get this drive to work with recordnow max 4.5 , please can anyone post if there have got it working …


To reiterate, RNM 4.5 or 4.6 (or any other version for that matter) can ONLY recognize and operate with drives that are SPECIFICALLY named in the pxdrv.dll file. Hacks and upgrades to this file for the 4.5 program seem to have been done 2 ways: 1. Adding references to new drives that actually use the same control codes as older existing models from the same manufacturer, this is done by literally just adding a text reference to the new drive model…I myself, long ago, did such a hack by changing an existing reference to a LiteOn CD-R to a slightly newer model that was not included… it worked perfectly. 2. Adding references for new drives from LATER pxdrv.dll files for later Sonic versions based on the same Prassi engine… while the later pxdrv.dll files, post 4.6 don’t seem to be directly compatible, info from in them have been ported apparently.

The PROBLEM is that Sonic in even current versions based on the Prassi engine have NEVER supported the current range of LG Burners, so there is nothing to hack or copy. In fact any of you can do an Ascii search in the pxdrv.dll file… to “work” there needs to be an exact reference to a “HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B”… if you check there is one reference to one very old “GSA” model… I modified that to our exact model in the hope it might be close enough in control strategy to work (like my LiteOn hack years ago)…it didn’t work… RNM still didn’t even recognize the drive. Apparently nobody out here knows or has the info and format to truly add “new drives” to the pxdrv.dll file, also since Sonic bought the rights to the “old” Prassi engine they have done little to update it, quite possibly because they have no relationship with the true authors anymore…Prassi is back with their own new engine: Ones which is not exactly well known in Europe and apparently the authors make no attempt to really offer it on this side of the Atlantic, although you can purchase it via the Net… their new engine uses a new method to identify and control drives and doesn’t offer a pxdrv.dll file we could “borrow” settings from…it does support current LG drives…

So, unless Sonic finally adds support for current LG drives, my guess is we’ll never see a hacked pxdrv.dll for RNM 4.5 - 4.6 that supports LG.



Check the latest entries into this thread:

Apparently the assumption that Stomp RecordNow 4.5 is basically the same as Veritas RecordNow 4.6.0 or Sonic RecordNow 4.6.1 is incorrect. BOTH of the latter are capable of recognizing an LG4163B. Now things are not ‘perfect’ as DVD write speeds are only shown as “Min, Mid or Max”, but unlike 4.5, both versions of 4.6 recognize the LG4163B just fine here under XP SP2. I suspect later Sonic versions like 6.5 can also be made to work, but the interface and options have been dumbed down so much in the later versions that pretty much no one with any sense probably wants them anyway…

So…the trick is: First obtain a version of the 4.6 engine…4.5 seems to be a dead end as far as LG drives go…and Stomp will NOT help you… their current website no longer includes any mention of the product line or even admits they ever had such a product…


4.6 engine, is this right?

Sonic (Veritas) RecordNow DX Software Update - ASI SKU 20942
This engine update provides product updates, fixes, and new CD and DVD recorder support. Use this download to update these products.
RecordNow! 6.x
RecordNow! Deluxe 6.x
RecordNow! DX/Max 4.6
MyDVD 5 Deluxe
MyDVD 5 Studio Deluxe
PrimeTime 1.1
Release date: November 5, 2003
File size: 600KB
Download Time: ~3 minutes at 28.8
Requirements: Minimum requirements defined by your MyDVD, PrimeTime, or RecordNow application
Operating System: Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP Home and Professional

Update Patch: Click Here to Download (Px Engine 507)

Haven’t used RecordNow for about 2 years.


Well it gets a bit more complicated but I think I have it correct:

  1. Get a copy of either Veritas RecordNow DX or Sonic RecordNow DX. As far as I can tell the last version of Veritas is 4.6.0. There are various Sonic versions of 4.6.1.

  2. If you can find a version of the 507 PXEngine upgrade it will work with both of these…then just add the pxdrv.dll and the LG 4163B appears just fine.

  3. Alternate route: The Upgrade available from Sonic is more problematic. Despite what they say, after you register, what you get is pxengine_1_08_34a update. While this upgrades a whole bunch of files to “later” than 507…it’s version of px.dll is more restrictive and does NOT allow the LG to be recognized. What I wound up doing is running the Sonic update then overwriting BOTH the pxdrv.dll AND the px.dll back to the level (that’s the version of the file the 507 engine update provides). These seem to be the only 2 files that control the ability of the program to recognize specific drives. Does going thru this more complex ritual provide anything ‘better’ or more useful ? I have no idea…lol. Note: this means you still need a copy of the 507 engine upgrade for the one crucial px.dll file.


Nice work guys , i got my LG4163B and px-716 working like a dream with Veritas RecordNow DX 4.6 … :wink: