Record Now DX - Don't Go

I don’t understand…my recordnow doesn’t burn…when i start to burn the recording doesn’t go and it show an error message: project terminated with errors.

And he say:

waiting for drive to be unloaded.

My drive is Liteon 851@832 CG5G
and RecordNow 4.61 Dx pxEngine507 and pxdrv.dll v1.1.26.0

many thx for support :rolleyes:

I had this problem a lot with recordnow max sometimes an uninstall\reinstall worked but in the end it was so annoying i changed to other programs…


The problem is that you are doing a DVD Movie Project(VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS) and something isn’t right with the IFO/BUP files. Either you are missing some titlesets that should be there or you are have a 0.vob and no 1.vob or the other way around. RN is pretty strict when it comes to DVD Movie projects.

No mate i’m doing a normal iso with lossless music inside

Hmm… sorry, never seen that happen before.

I did lots and there was nothing wrong with the vobs either.
although maybe that happens as well but not in my case.

thx for your support :slight_smile: yes it sound strange :sad:

What I’ve seen…

  1. In your VIDEO_TS.IFO it states all the titlesets that should be there. If you are missing any RN will not go.
  2. If you have a VTS_0*_0.VOB you must have a VTS_0*_1.VOB for all titlesets or RN will not go. Its 0 must have 1 or 1 must have 0, it hard for me to remember.

Thanks for explaining this although i dont really use recordnow any more
When i did use recordnow it was mostly for ps2 games although i did a lot of movies also…
I did get it to work with my NEC thanks to another post of yours btw…