Record Now DX does What? to LDW811's?



My 811 has now stopped working, after installing the RecordNow DX software on the supplied CD that came with the burner. After installing, I cannot read ANY cd/DVD, or write any CDR/W or DVDR/W.

After uninstalling, every DVD/CDR program i own, and deleting and reinstalling the various Aspi layers/etc , it still doesn’t recognise any CD/DVD’s.

Even outside of windows, it doesn’t recognise any media whatsoever! It just spins up the drive and flashes for about 40 seconds.

I’ve flashed various firmwares (unpatched) using the default Liteon Flashers and the banned program with extracted firmwares (also trying update bootcode).

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

It’s pi$$ing me off to no end :a


Time for that NEC drive debro :wink: , I was just thinking about installing RecordNow myself, I don’t think I will now.

I don’t think the software would stop the drive from responding,(as in stuff the actual drive) have you can you try the drive in a different PC to see if it works in an RecordNow free zone.


It won’t even initliase a CD correctly to boot off the CD!!!
After basic BIOS initialisation, it’s as OS independant as you can get, right?
Methinks Time to RMA the drive :confused:

I’ve also checked it in an alternate copy of WINXP from a different HD, nothing. Spends 30-40Secs just initialising the disc, lights flashing to show it’s reading, then does nothing. WTF?

Will have to check in another machine before I RMA it.


Sorry to hear that… My Sonic RN-DX (4.60) har been working with my 811s (hmm, actually a 411@811 Z-mod-V4) for more then six months now… :wink:

Did you also install Sonic DLA? If so you better uninstall it right now.


Unfortunately, DLA also got installed at the same time. But it was too late. Once the Sonic Software was installed, the burner stopped working. I realised DLA was installed and uninstalled it. Then I also did a manual uninstall of known leftover files, but it still hasn’t helped.
The drive doesn’t recognise any CDs/DVDs in or out of windows.

My Litey DVDrom still works fine though, just not the writer.


If you RMA it let us know how you go debro, I am very interested to here your results!!!