Record mode to use for copying old VHS tapes

I just got an ES-20. I am copying old VHS tapes to DVD.
The tapes are about 20 years old. My question is simple:
Will recording old tapes in the 1 hour mode produce better quality than recording in the 2 hour mode.

Short answer: yes it will. Will you be able to SEE the difference with old VHS video? You tell us. XP will certainly give you the sharpest image possible, SP will soften it just a little, so if the VHS has a lot of noise you might even prefer SP mode’s results.

I’d deffinitely stay with either SP or XP, which you use is up to your eyes and monitor. Another approach is to record them in XP then transfer to PC for shrinking with a VBR tool like DVDShrink. I would re-author on PC anyway, so you can put 2 hours on a DVD with a nice menu.

In XP, the Panny will give you 1 hr, but only about 3.6-3.8 GB, so it’s not a full disc really. Same with SP, not really a full disc. Were I you, I’d play around with different methods, and decide what works best for you. The Panny also has the special record mode that automatically switches speed to fit a whole program on one disc.

And, please don’t cross-post.

Thanks for your help. I made a test DVD at both speeds, 1 and 2 hr. mode. I could not see a difference probably because the quality of signal in 20 year old VHS family movies is not very high. I am using an outstanding source deck to playback my tapes. It is a Panasonic AG-1980. It is a high quality Pro SvHS deck and has a built-in TBC. It outputs the best ‘S’ signal I’ve ever seen.
The link to DVDShrink did not work for me. Could you elaborate a bit on what you have in mind by ‘re-author on PC’?