Record labels sued for online piracy

I just posted the article Record labels sued for online piracy….

Well as the recording industry is suing online music programs like napster, the songwriters thought the same: they are suing the record labels for publishing their songs online

The big…

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cool this kickz ass…

This kicks ass MY ASS!! Just another bunch of greedy bastards using the courts (our joke of a legal system that is meant to protect the innocent) to make them some fast cash. It’s always good to see the legal system protecting people’s rights! Wait a minute, what a laod of BS. Always good to see the legal system turn into the easiest way to make some quick cash. That’s what it’s become. Want to get rich quick?? Go to some big company, walk around their building and dont think because you dont need to cause your a moron, hurt yourself because you were staring at some woman’s tits then sue the company because they put a table in their lobby without proper warning signs Warning! This will only work in america!

With Bush as president…who wants to live in America anywayz!? :r

Talking of american presidents - the whole american presidential campaigne was the funniest thing in the world. Watching the fuckin US presidents threatening to sue if he lost. Ooohhh, poor baby cant handle loosing so he’s going to do the typical american thing and sue. LOL I wonder if the americans realise how much the rest of the world mocks them and laughs at shit like that.