Record Labels Sue Web Site Operator (ALL OF MP3)

Record Labels Sue Web Site Operator


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Several major record labels sued the operator of the Russian music Web site on Wednesday, claiming the company has been profiting by selling copies of music without their permission.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in New York against Moscow-based Mediaservices, which owns AllofMP3 and another music site,

A slate of major record labels, including Arista Records LLC, Warner Bros. Records Inc., Capitol Records Inc. and UMG Recordings Inc., are behind the lawsuit.

The labels claim Mediaservices’ sites sell millions of songs by their artists without paying them “a dime” for the right to do so.

“Defendant’s entire business … amounts to nothing more than a massive infringement of plaintiffs’ exclusive rights under the Copyright Act and New York law,” according to the lawsuit.

The music companies are seeking a court order against Mediaservices and unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Edit: The full Associated Press story can be read here.

I don’t are mu_h about this sin_e I think that if you wanna buy your musi you should buy it at some pla_e where the money a_tually ends up at the artist anyway.

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Good luck trying to enforce US laws in Russia. Are they gonna sue PirateBay next? :bigsmile:

this is seriously getting ridiculous