Record labels say, less tracks, more quality, more sales

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artists to put fewer tracks on their albums. …

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No I’d rather not :S

Of all my favorite CDs (most from 70s and 80s), nearly all of them have exactly 10 tracks. I think it’s a good balance. However if it’s a band like Bad Religion, we might need 15 tracks, lest the album clock in at less than 30 minutes :). But the focus should have been on quality all along, I don’t remember anyone complaining of too few tracks on CDs.

Sure. Great idea. As long as we get charged less for it.:wink:

Well I’d sure like to see an album with ten good songs on it as well. It’s about time. :slight_smile:

The 10-track album sounds good - but how many good albums can an artist release in his career - not many I presume - hence the previous trend of releasing an album with two good tracks at the front of the album and the rest are made up of track fillers. It sounds like empty promises…:r

Funny thing is - where you would assume the first track or two are the better ones for those playing an album in a store or other such place, quite often I do not like the first track as much as others on an album. Whether there are ten tracks or 15, they should all be class.

Given the type of popular “artists” out there, going by CD sales, I can’t imagine them making a good song to begin with. All you’d be doing for most of them is saying, hey guys, less work, our CDs only need 10 songs now. Music used to be so good, now it sucks monkey butt.

“There’s been a tendency to overload CDs because the technology permits it,” Sony US president Don Ienner said. That’s a bunch of horse dung! The real statement is, “There’s been a tendency to overload CD’s with crappy music” I am speculating that artists will have to work twice as hard to get a good 10 song clip on a CD OR some will just work less and put substandard songs on. As you’ll all stated and I agree they should have been putting good quality on the CD’s from the getgo. When u have stupid shows like “American Idol” and then u glorify someone with so-so talent and then say this is it. You know the industry is doomed. Look at the reality shows, makes me PUKE! no quality whatsoever. Trying to make something out of nothing and then beating it to death. This is everywhere, music,TV,movies, EVEN brand new cars are getting recalled ALL the time. QUality in general is diminishing because all people care about is a shiny fascade & $$.
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RIGHT - now if we could only get the millions of WalMart shopping, Jerry Springer watching, Britney Spears listening consumers to stop… wait, too utopian, nevermind. Guess I’m stuck with listening to indie stuff…

i am sorry, but i just have to said that again and again, as it’s always the same… “There’s been a tendency to overload CD’s with crappy music” if the tracks are so crappy then why are there so much downloads??? it is the file swapping, don’t pretend ath… neway, gotta go, there’s that song i love kazaastartin :smiley:

There are so many downloads because people are only downloading what is good quality OR good quality to them.