Record labels put online music shops at risk with large cuts

I just posted the article Record labels put online music shops at risk with large cuts.

  While the  record labels are happy to see more and more online music stores start offering  music download services, this may start changing direction in the years to come  for one main...
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who want all , will loose all.


greedy ba$tards

They are going to put them out of business VERY fast unless they wake up. In the UK there has been a huge amount of advertisements on TV recently with shops selling CD’s for between £4-£7 for full CD’s including new releases from big name mainstream artists. DVD’s are being sold for the same sort of price too. At this rate - I can buy a full Album for £5 say and get the CD, Cover, CD Quality music - OR I can buy it online, probably have to spend at least double that and just get a bunch of lossy DRM’d files - which one do you think I’d chose? They’re going to kill Legal download services and then wonder why everyone has gone back to p2p programs and not paying them a red cent. It’s amazing at some peoples stupidity and greed.

greed n. An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. See also: the RIAA.

I know. They are real geniuses aren’t they? :B