Record labels blame pirates once again for all their problems

I just posted the article Record labels blame pirates once again for all their problems.

Kyle SGMS used our newssubmit to tell us about an article on Yahoo! News about an upcoming global music sales conference in London where piracy is expected to be a hot topic:

Record executives…

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they are blaming me again I still go into record shops but now only to buy dvd’s

some of the blame must also lie on the fact they are putting out a hell of a lot of crap now :stuck_out_tongue:

10 years ago I bought all of my cd’s and after listening a few times there were a lot of cd’s that didn’t live up to my expectations, so bad luck. Nowadays I copy most of my music but spend my money on dvd’s instead. So when I can’t buy the 2 of them together because of money shortness, so loose some money at one side gain a lot of money at the other side.

Well there cryn again over that thepiratesmake them loose more money in the music industry. Well 1st of all the cds costing way to much same for dvds. And then all thenew` lame protections they try like the most recent with the celine dion cd who makes your pc crash well saw it already floating around on the internet so what is the result?? Its still downloadable and the legit buyer cant play it on the pc while the pirate product can. they also pump millions of dollars in research of cd protections(who until now are alwayes by passed or cracked)with that money they could lower the prices on cds and still makes a big profit on it. Well the probelay never learn…

If CD’s were $7 rather than $17 then I would buy them more often than I do. Which by the way is pretty much NEVER. The record companies are right when they say people are expecting to get stuff for free rather than pay for it. They are the main reason that piracy is as popular as it is. If they weren’t trying to squeeze every penny they could out of us for so long then there would never have been as much desire to get free albums. Another thing that hurt them was the fact that they usually put out crappy CD’s that consist of one or two hits and a bunch of filler. THis is due to record companies imposing deadlines on bands. If they concentrated on quality rather than quantity then they would have avoided the people that realize that in most cases they are paying 15-20 bucks for one or two songs. None of these complaints hold for the few truly good bands. There albums are worth the money. Now they may “suffer” from lower record sales but they can make up for it with concerts. How much does an artist make from each CD on average?

Playboy did a spread on how much money artist get from the cd, and it was like sumthin like 30 cents, if that. The rest is split between the retail store, the distributer and the recording company.

When you pay $8 for a brand new casette album, and $20 for a brand new CD album, both containing the same material and the CD being cheaper to create, you know someone’s trying to rip someone else off. Perhaps we should charge the record company for making us listen to all of the new sh!t that’s coming out. I don’t know if you guys agree, but most of this stuff isn’t really even music, its a drum machine hooked up to REALLY shitty singers, if they can even be called that. I hate to say it, but the old BSB+*N’SYNC stuff is a ton better than this new stuff. Not that thats saying much :slight_smile: I’d buy a at least double the amount of CD’s I do now if they were cheaper, but probably even more than that (in my 16 years I’ve bought 3 CD’s, and been given about eight.) The CD’s I buy are usually older stuff anyways. I hate arrogant pigs.

Playboy did a spread on how much money artist get from the cd, and it was like sumthin like 30 cents, if that. The rest is split between the retail store, the distributer and the recording company.
So you really read playboy for the articles ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of boycotting virtually all cd’s, here’s what I do: only buy cd’s from smaller record labels, and burn the cd’s from bigger ones. That way even if most of the profit goes to the label not the band, at least its a label that needs the help. I like a lot of underground bands, so its easy for me to do this. The place I usually order from I get most of my cd’s for $10-12 unless they’re rare (not to mention free shipping and no tax). But the big labels can all burn in hell–stop putting out derivative garbage and maybe it will be worth buying–and I don’t mean at $17 either!

Based upon the RIAA’s own proclivities or their well known and often lamented facts of penal lore, they’re using this as an excuse to further justify their futile and useless argument that people who copy are killing the artist and the recording industry. If you go back in the days before MP3 was not even a twinkle in some programmers eyes, their downfall in sales would have been blamed on the sagging economy, or some other crap. The REAL issue is not the pirates but the huge costs in buying music. I can go to BestBuy and buy a current CD with 12 songs in it for 12.99. What’s wrong with this picture? Based on what I see, the store and RIAA are making money for a fair price. But what if I like only two songs in it? Well now the cost for those two songs are 6.50 a piece. Now add this new anti-piracy protection…cost goes up. My point? Either lower the cost of CD’s without this protection crap that doesn’t work and only makes it cost more or sell the music online for $1.00 (if BestBuy can do it, so can the Record Labels) a song in an MP3 format with no limitations. Online companies can charge a fee of $5-9 per month membership to cover their website overhead…… ….otherwise (but not wise) the RIAA can continue to do what they’re doing and think that the pirates are the problem when in reality it’s the RIAA’s greed. People hate being ripped off and limiting them to what they can and can’t do with their purchased music. I’ll let you figure that one out…:d Oh, BTW…I noticed the newslines have 'LAME MP3 Encoder updated" and 'The Record Labels blaming pirates" next to each other….I love twisted irony!:stuck_out_tongue:

sales in the UK have apparently gone up this year? But still they moan about file sharing and pirates. Screw then i’m never buying an original music CD again, whats the point i can’t even play em in my pc or on my mp3player.£12 a cd my ass, and they wonder why sales r goin down.

Yes mauf, apparently sales of cds in the UK have gone UP this year. A) So what are they complaining about? B) Just to echo what everyone else has said; If CD prices wern’t so extortionately high (i.e. £5-8, not £11-16) then i would consider i was getting vale for money out of a CD, and buy it. As it is, I don’t consider cds to be value for money, and I am very reluctant to buy them. If I did consider them to be value for money (i.e. they were cheaper) I would spend more of my money on them and less on other things, and also it would not be worth my time to download them.

“meeting in some plush hotel”…if the worker wants to have a meeting, it’s out in the car park or in the lunch room…who let these pricks out of their cage again…and if it’s true that the artists only get 30c from sales ,then isn’t it time these weak rsols raised their voice one way or another (at least fans would then know where they stood)…RIAA and their ilk…quasi-politico-neofascists

WGAS bout IFPI anyway :+