Record jail sentence given in piracy case - and million fine

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Lisa Chen, 52, was sentenced to 9 years in prison and ordered to pay 11 million in compensation for software piracy. According to US prosecutors this is the longest sentence ever given for a first…

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I’m not sure Micro$oft will miss $98 million, loose change for our Bill. I hope hethe software co.s donate the money to charity! Can’t say I feel sorry for them or Chen, the idiot shouldn’t have been leeching, making money of other peoples backs. Get a real job when you get out geezer, like the rest of us! Hope prison isn’t too hard on yer ass! :d

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She will claim for Bankruptcy and then not being obligated to those penalties. But this will stuck with her for 10 years. She’s to blame herself for doing this dumb thing, think before doing something ILLEGAL like this.

9 years in prison!!! That’s outrageously too much time for something like this. She should have to pay a huge fine and maybe go to prison only for a few months.

I know that such lengthy prison terms are given too scare people out of doing the crime, but it still doesn’t make it right to give a punishment way beyond what the crime deserves. A punishment should be put in place that fits the crime. 9 years in prison only is appropriate for some violent crimes, or crimes that fund/support violent acts. I am only reffering to this for people who copy and sell. If someone copies for themselves, or copies and gives away for free, there should be no punishment at all. Copying something that’s copyrighted for free should be completely legal.

If someone stole 98 million from you or your company, you would want the same thing. She is no better than the big wigs of Enron. 9 years in minimum security is simple. Plus she may have put the money away in another account as an alias, which if she gets out anf files bankruptcy, she can live off the money she made from the ring. I say give her 15 years and never be allowed to be around a computer again.

i bet she’ll be pissed when she finds out about open source!!

Seems strange. A person who sold 98 million $worth of illegal drugs would probably get a similar jail term and that is far worse.

Only in the U.S. would a person get more jailtime for copyright infringment than a violent crime such as rape or murder.