Record Internet Radio with EAC?



Sorry if this isn’t the right place - but it does mention downloading Internet Audio.

> I’ve both Googled and searched here about EAC - of which there is plenty, and which also says you can use EAC to record Internet Radio - but not how to!

> I want to use it, as it’s legal and free, and I’m on disability pension (age just over 60) - so can’t afford to buy much. That’s also why I want to record some music, documentaries, so on - only for personal use.

> If anyone could just give a brief explanation - or, of course, point me to a site that has a Guide or Tutorial, I’d be most grateful.

> I have available 98SE and Win2k-SP4 - but I nowadays usually use Linux - the very good and easy-to-use PCLinuxOS - so if I knew how to do it with EAC in Windows, I could then see if it also works in Wine, or Crossover Linux, which I have.

Thanks in advance, if some kind soul can put me right!

Best Regards, Dave.


Hi and Welcome!

EAC is not designed for this job.

A dedicated audio recording software like Audacity might be the better solution (which is available for Windows and Linux). With that, you should be able to record the output of your audio device.



Thanks - I do have Audacity in Linux and have used it for that for years. I just thought since so many folk praise EAC it might be better.

So if EAC doesn’t record Internet Radio, I wonder why so many people are claiming to be doing it?

Thanks for the Reply.

Regards, Dave.