Record industry warns 200.000 file-sharers, you can be identified

I just posted the article Record industry warns 200.000 file-sharers, you can be identified.

 The record industry has  opened a new front in its war against online piracy. Last Tuesday they surprised about 200.000 Grokster and KaZaA  file-sharers with a warning notice saying that...
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Uhm … I’m gonna record off my stereo (radio) and then send the call letters to the RIAA accusing the Radio Station of illegal activities.

i am curious how many people will stop now using grokster, kazaa etc.

“i am curious how many people will stop now using grokster, kazaa etc” Just checked Kazaa lite, ~4 million users online and about 834 million files being shared. Doesn’t seem to have stopped it completely.

I’d simply recommend file sharers to disable incoming messages. This can be done in Kazaa (lite). The only messages people usually send are complaints anyway. If you wanna chat, get a proper dedicated chat application :X

funny… how will they arrest 4 million people ? they will need some more jails and cops…

They don’t need to arrest them, they can be fined. But by identifying an user they are actually tracking him/her down, this means no privacy, so… hmm, I wonder.

“it APPEARS you are offering copywrited music to others from your computer”… it APPEARS that they are making an assumption…it may be judicious at this time to let them know that it “APPEARS” millions of internet users know where there web site is…is this the action of a greed driven corporation on the back foot, well lets keep throwing lefts and rights until they’re on the canvas…:X

They’ll have a job identifying you if you use Peer Guardian… :slight_smile:

na. they still have to serve you with a court action to appear I think this may back the court system up a bit though:S

RIAA is just gettin gayer everyday!! The old fat ugly CEO and their fellow faggots must be bored with life. :d They ought to get some life and stop bugging people.

Well looks like they haven’t bothered to send out msgs to peeps downloading movies. Takes 4ever with a 56k modem;) Never Mind ADSL in June:p Greetz The Diplomat:g