Record industry bracing for lumps of coal in their stocking?

I just posted the article Record industry bracing for lumps of coal in their stocking?.

Perhaps its not any suprise to anyone, but the record industry is not looking forward to sales figures in this season of sales. Record industry analysts predict an 11% or more loss in sales this…

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Just because you didn’t sell as much this year as you did another year doesn’t mean you’ve lost something or someone has stolen something from you. You can’t always make more money every year your in business. It’s very greedy to think you should always surpass last years sales. Most people don’t have as much money as they use to. What’s really sad is that the RIAA doesn’t even have has much money as they use to. You would think they would understand that. But they think even if your starving and can’t pay your heat bill this year you should buy as many CD’s as you did last year. That’s just sick and immoral.

Big deal my portfolio is down 11% so why shouldn’t thier sales be down.And how come noone ever mentions that DVD sales are UP 1000% and some of that is music DVD’s!!Could it be the consumer sees DVD as BETTER VALUE !!!..HELLO!! :4

Of course they don’t want to pay for it. Not at $15 a pop, we don’t. If the prices went down to $5 a CD, I bet their sales and profits would go up, and file sharing of music would be near pointless except for hard-to-find tracks. This has been said by many people many times before, I just wanted to show my agreement.

If you have a product no one wants or a product that is no good, no one will buy it. Improve your product. :r

Could it also be that the economy has taken a huge hit as well and hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs and have taken positions with companies that pay half as much? Could it be that when the average music buyer goes into a store they don’t want to see 100 CDs of Britney Spears or some boy band? Could it be that the music trend today is geared to pre-teen and that those cunsumers don’t have the money buy the expensive crap? So it may be down 11% from last year. I would like to know what their profits are since it only costs 40 cents to make a music CD in bulk. I guess making 490 million in profit last year isn’t the same as making 436 million this year and thus their 11% loss is a great deal to them. I would like to see those that complain get a salary of $50,000.00 and take care of their wife, 3 kids, pets and everything else and see if they can still afford to buy music CDs after all the bills are taken care of. Its all about greed.

Average pay around my area is about 15,000 a year. Then they take taxes out of that.

Why buy music when you can just download it for free? Property is physical, not intellectual. Music should be made knowing it can be downloaded for free, so therefore downloading or distributing it should be legal. It’s just the nature of the intellectual world. If it can be copied, there is no reason why it should be illegal to do so. Something shouldn’t be illegal just becasue it makes it harder for someone to make a profit. If we knew how to copy food: Do we solve world hunger? Or is it made illegal becasue food retailers like Farmer Jack can’t make as high of a profit? Also just because someone could legally copy something does not mean that the music, movie, and software industry will make no profit. They can still make a profit off the people who don’t have friends they can get things like that for free from.

I remember WAAAaaaay back when, in uncertain financial times, companies were relieved just to BREAK EVEN… now they complain 'cos profits don’t increase each year… This corporate greed is way out of control…:7

I mostly agree. It’s funny because when a company claims to ‘lose’ money, it’s because it didnt meet projections for the year. This is stupid. They think because they make 9 million 1 year, 10, 11 and 12 million (respectivly) that 13 should be next in line. But they make 12, and claim they lose 1 million. The greedy bastards are really saying “we are entitled to that money because we say so. If we don’t get it, we are losing profits”. But I sort of disagree with you, Wolverine. But yes, why make a difference between physical property and intellectual? It really isn’t fair. A dude who makes a chair handcrafts it and sells it. It’s no longer his. the buyer can do whatever he/she wants with that chair. Now, someone who makes a song can propogate it to no end, sell it for whatever they want, hold creative control, and this continues until the copyright runs out. Since a song can’t be sold (but licensed, since it would cost a person millions to buy one song), the copyright should end after 10 years (max). This would inspire more innovation. It really doesn’t make sense when a guy who makes chairs makes a good amount whilst a singer sings one song and rakes in money for infinity. what gives?

Awwww I guess the top bigwig have to wait an extra year to add that inground swimming pool into there living room and show off. What a pity… Please…Spare me your supposed “loss” of millions, 594 Million isnt enough? RIAA why dont you do something worth while for the people you rape each year of money, give back something instead of raping everyone you can think of.

You are all right. It’s all about greed. Somehow it still looks kinda funny when 2 sides (avarage joe & Mr Rich) decide to trow cakes at each other. If we could just find peace… Unfortunatly thats just a dream.

But the important thing to keep in mind is that this is not the thinking of the RIAA, and the MPAA alone. Almost all companies are consumed with greed like this.

Boo fucking hoo. The RIAA has been fucking artists and consumers in the ass for decades. Look at today’s homogenized musical landscape. It’s a bunch of no-talent, boring pop and ‘alternative rock’ acts shoved down our throats. Then there’s the price of CDs. This news is the best Christmas present I could get, I’m glad some people have finally figured out that it’s time to BOYCOTT THE RIAA!, take back our radio stations, lower the price of comercially produced music and make sure that great acts that WE want to hear get published. FUCK THE RIAA, FIGHT BACK!! BOYCOTT THE RIAA, PIRATE IT ALL!

Not just companies, most users are consumed by the same greed now demanding music for free.

The companies are consumed by greed. Now the users are too. So in my opinion it’s almost equal. We just have to boycott a little more. I mean, it doesn’t matter if people are right or wrong when it comes to downloading music. They’ve gotten together and done something that’s fucking up the Entertainment industry. They’re no longer taking shit up the ass because companies and Governments tell them so. If people start thinking for themselves and keep this kind of behavoir up, I think the world will be a better place in the end after the greedy companies are out of business.

Interesting word greed. So basically companies have greed for money and we are just greedy for free music. It isnt about anything other than getting something for nothing and when the something for nothing gets taken away people complain they lost their right to download free music. Facinating.