Record FTC fine imposed on Google

I just posted the article Record FTC fine imposed on Google.

Google has been fined a record amount by the US Federal Trade Commission for bypassing browser privacy settings

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“although Google claim that the action of collecting private data was inadvertent.”

And if you believe that, I’ve got a nearly new Pedestrian Bridge to sell you.
Northern location, looks like a 100 meter long Chinese Finger Puzzle.
Cheap at only 25 million cdn.

The line between legal advertising and not-so-legal spamming could get sometimes fuzzy, but more so if it’s done by a search company. Facebook is rapidly becoming the next Google and there are a lot of would-be-Google’s among the mobile players.

After their lobbyists pay off their Congressmen, and all the bribes are passed out, the appealed fine should be in the 17-18 cent range. “A new record!!”