Record From Vhs To Dvd

I HAVE A QUESTION. HOW DO YOU RECORD A DVD FROM A VHS.i cant afford to take my vhs to a special place to have it transferred. so is there a cheaper way to do it, besides buying special equipment. i am 67 and not to experiance, so the cheapest way i can get it done the better for me. i know everything about computers but nothing about transferring from vhs to dvd.please help me or give me some ideas. FRANCINE

Hi Francine,

You somehow need to manage the video (images and sound) from the vhs to the dvd recorder. One of the cheapest methods to do this is to obtain a device for your computer that can record the video. Probably a TV card (Hauppauge, pinnacle, etc).

Now, most VCR’s only have a SCART out. Via an adapter you can devide this SCART to Video Out and Stereo Sound Out. These can then be connected to the pc device.

It takes a lot of effort though.

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The absolute easiest way to transfer a vhs to a dvd, is with a dvd recorder or a unit that has a vhs and a dvd recorder in one. An inexpensive dvd recorder will run you around $50.00 and up. You just connect your vcr to your dvd recorder and go. Then there are the combo units that run from $80.00 and up. These will do a direct transfer. The only problem area would be if any of your vhs tapes are macrovision protected. Then you would need additional hardware inbetween the two units in order to transfer the video.
If you want to transfer the vhs to your pc for editing, then you would look at various capture devices. There are internal pci cards, usb connected devices, firewire connected devices…

If it is just one tape you want to transfer, it may be cheaper to get it done.
There are two ways to do it.

  1. If you owe (or can borrow) digital camera you can use it for transfer by firewire.
    Just look at the manual for the camera.
  2. If no camera, you will need internal or external video capture card, where you can hook up your VCR to it.

Either way, this is just first step. After video is on your hard drive you will need authoring software to produce DVD file for burning.

If it can be placed on the hard drive the rest as they say is easy. There is plenty of free software available to enable a burn to DVD.
Francine, when you have decided your course of action come back and tell us and we will help you.

P.S. You obviously have a VHS player/recorder do you have access to or can you borrow a DVD recorder? If so this may be the easiest way to transfer your tape/s.

Weedougie wrote" If it can be placed on the hard drive the rest as they say is easy. There is plenty of free software available to enable a burn to DVD.