Record from TV to MPG2 - then to DVD




I am recording TV to hard drive as MPEG2 with Winfast PVR, but my disk is getting full!
Is there is application to convert the file to play on my DVD player?

Preferably try before buy!



There is MakeDVD from Cyberlink. There is a free trial there for you to download.


Thanks RevGen

Sorry - forgot to mention I’m on Win2000 - oops!



Nero will do it also (there is a free trial). I have had problems when I try to let it convert avi files but it seems to work just fine with mpeg. It will let you create menus and such. Some dvd players can play mpeg files burned as data disks too. If yours will its a lot easier but no menues and they may not be compatible with other players.


Another very good one is TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 from Pegasys software. This is what I use to convert and burn my TV card captures to DVD. It is very easy to use and has worked every time for me. You can encode , edit , and burn the DVD, all from this software. They have a 30 day trial downloadable from their site.
Check it out here:

Download it here: