Record first, burn later?



I’ve been video taping my son’s Lacrosse games then using ULead VideoStudio 9 on my computer to make nice movies out of them with instant replays, music, special effects and the whole works. They’re usually about 45 minutes long. Lately there have been so many games in such a short time period (3 on Saturdays and 1 during the week) that I’ve been running out of minidv tapes and I can’t keep up with production. So… the easiest/fastest way for me to put the video on DVD is to use my LiteOn 5005 through the firewire connection. Then I could put the DVD in my computer later and make the AVI files that Ulead will use from that. If I record them at the highest quality (1 hour mode) on the 5005, am I going to lose video quality later when I burn the production on my Plextor 716a? In other words, will the AVI files from the LiteOn 5005 recorded DVDs be less quality than the AVI files made straight from the camera?
Any ideas?


I’ve transfered video from a camera thru the firewire input in the HQ (1HR) mode and could see no difference. Burning to a good disk in the 5005 should put the 0’s and 1’s down nice and therefore copies should lose no quality either. The 0’s and 1’s are not like the VHS days where every copy made from a copy lost quality.


Thank goodness those days are over.
I guess I’m concerned about a couple things. First, there is a certain amount of dropout when recording any DVD (some more than others), so the best bandwidth will come from the original minidv in the camcorder. The other thing is going from minidv to mgeg2 on the 5005 and then to AVI on the hard drive. I was under the impression that mpeg2 uses more compression than AVI, so the quality isn’t quite as good. (I thought that’s why the highest quality transfer from the minidv to my hard drive puts it in an AVI file.) Instead of going from minidv to AVI to mpeg2, I’d be going from minidv to mpeg2 to AVI (but the AVI could be no better quality than the mpeg2) and then to mpeg2 again in my production. It seems like I’d be compressing the video twice.
I suppose I could try it both ways and see if my final mpeg2 file is smaller one way than the other. I just didn’t want to take the time to experiment.


I misread that part :frowning: I thought you were copying the 5005 DVD. I dunno, I’m not that deep into editing.