Record Co's Sued Over CD Prices

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Could it be, will this law suit mean prices will drop? According to this aticle a previous settlement should have lowered the prices and they are still the…

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where the Fu…= Vinny…???

The Dude Rules

Over here

I agree with this, if prices go down, I don’t mind paying a bit more for a silver

yeah me 2. Of course ppl will buy more original cds, if the prices drop. Who the hell wouldn’t want a real cover/cd/back instead of a “kodak” hehehe.

Illegal Prices! Forcing the retailer to triple the profit! Once again Reality bits back ! wasn’t that a while agao that the very same companies were crying over artists rights and royalties what a load of crap! it did not have to take a district judge to prove a point that many of us knew a long long time ago… And now they are reducing prices, well I for one can’t and won’t believe it. Record companies are out there to make money and to make lots of it and they have not and would not stop at anything at any cost. If they lower prices you better believe they have more than halved their overheads to even up the margins. Whether this means dodgy CDs or paper bag covers, I guess we just have to wait and see!!!

totely agree with you PaRaDox!!!

by the way they will NEVER lower their prices. They like the profit, and they like it a lot.

Oh what the hell! How much are they gonna lower the price by just to get us to buy it???

Out of interest how much are audio CDs where you come from. I live in the UK and the current price seems to be £16. Far too much for me to pay!

I live in the UK too but when I was in the states last I think they were costing around £14 for CD’s in general. They’re not that much cheaper over there.

now this is an interesting issue (much better than the crap of Vinny & CyberDude fighting over “to be the first ones with a totally dull reaction” :smiley: )I live in Belgium here with us you got 2 kind of stores for cd’s : the expencive ones (around 15 US$) and the very expensive ones (around 18-20 US$).

What should be the price? I would (re)start buying silver at a price of 10 US$ That’s reasonable! I used to be a DJ and spend all my pocket money when I was young just in an effort to keep up with music. I can tell you, that hobby has cost me 1000’s of dollars. Now I don’t buy any silver cd anymore! Download, copy and BURN!!!

I live in england, and places like HMV and Virgin are charging 17 quid for an album. this is a rip off, and it’s not just the record companies - it’s the retailers. Like i said HMV and virgin charge 17 quid, yet if I go round the corner to Rockaboom i can get the same CD’s for about 10 - 12 quid. The retailers should e sued as well… :slight_smile:

The most strange thing is that those corp’s still charge about $12 for an old LP but when the content is on cd it has suddenly doubled it’s value