Record companies: Where does the cash go?

I just posted the article Record companies: Where does the cash go ?.

Very intresting article on about the record industry and how they make their money and where it goes. It tries to explain that the record industry isn’t that bad after all. But…

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15 to 18 dollars!? and u complain about that!? we have to pay up to 17 english pounds! thats like 25 (ish - rough estimate) dollars!

OMG!!! 25 bucks for a simple music cd? Where will this stop?? For 20$/m you`ll get 10Mbits/sec broadband connection in Sweden, dl whatever you need…

Hell my connection is $40US/month for 512Kbits/sec down and 256Kbits/sec up, I wish I had your connection Trix as it is half the price and much faster…

damn Trix, I need to move my ass to Sweden. I pay £40 a month (apx $60) for a 576/256 connection.

Oh yeah, and as for this article (complete forgot what I meant to write when I saw trix’s posting), if they’re so hard done by then why are they all loaded and cruising in their flash cars and boats?? It’s a BS story with few facts and lots of suggestions.

I don’t beleive those numbers… They just don’t add up right.

is swedish hard to learn? Hell for $20/month and getting a REAL broadband connection…

Dood - why are you paying £17 for a CD? you should stop shopping in HMV and Virgin and start going to real music shops (ie. local indys)