Record companies wage war on rapidly rising piracy



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Record companies are still trying to fight piracy the way they will never succeed. They are still trying to go after the pirates and do not think about the source of the problem: high prices of audio…

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Hey say the truth people, would you acutally EVER buy an audio cd? I meen, when you get everything for free online and when you know it’s the record companies that still getting the real money if you pay. The only working solution is selling music online. That way you can make the artist (the one doing the real job) earn what they should earn. As for audio cd’s, who wants them? They are too small, only 74 min! A MP3 cd is 10 times that…


I’m all for mp3s, having a decent-sized collection myself, but if I’ve sampled an album via mp3s and really like what I hear then I’ll go to the record store and buy the CD. Although I admit I don’t buy that many CDs. The quality of most of the mp3s out there are pretty poor compared to an original CD. If everyone uploads mp3s made with EAC + LAME at greater than 200kbs then it would be a bit silly to buy the CD (you’d have to really like the booklet or not possess a CDRW). CDs might be expensive for some people, but if you have a steady flow of income then you can’t really complain. Damn all you pov bastards :slight_smile:


Somtimes i buy the org. cds to but if they realy wanna win the war on piracy LOWER THE PRICE!! And another thing that bothers me is that they count we sell like so much blank cdrs and there are all used for illigal use,Yes there are people who still use it for legit backups and they also forget that somtimes cds getting not burned good to…


If CD’s were reasonable, like $6.99 - $8.99 US, yes I would go back to buying CD’s, because I would finally feel I was getting what I was paying for, and not getting ripped off. But as the case is, last CD I bought was Small Soldiers Soundtrack over 2 years ago, and mp3 collection grows every day (12,556+ and growing everyday). Screw these rip off swindlers. Just use iRC, FTP, peer to peer clients, and rip CD’s other people are buying. The only way to truly get their attention is to hurt em where it counts, Everbody needs to stop buying CD’s in protest. Someone want to restart the CD boycott? :o


One question: Have you actually listened to all those 12,000+ mp3s? I have 5% the size of your collection and still haven’t heard the entire lot. It seems some people are after quantity and not quality. I don’t think piracy is the way to solve anything, although it sure is fun :slight_smile: Just don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re being righteous. You’re a naughty, naughty boy :d


I have probably listened to 99% of my songs, I dj full-time for the last 5 years and have been collecting mp3 music for about 4 1/2 years. So when I get something I usually have a reason, or occassion for which i can use it. Oh and I never said that piracy was the solution, IT ISN’T, the solution is to stop buying CD’s, regarless of whether you decide to trade/leech mp3’s or not. :4


onthejazz You must have a big hard drive considering you’d need atleast 50gb to store all those MP3s


1 80 gig maxtor hard drives 2 40 gig ibm hard drives 2 30 gig seagate hard drives and a 10 gig piece of crap western digital :o