Record companies unite: to develop market, fight piracy

I just posted the article Record companies unite: to develop market, fight piracy.

The heads of the Russian and international music industry this week came together in Moscow to support a new organisation that will develop the legitimate music market and fight the country’s high…

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This is who all the record companys should be going after, professional organisations that pirate these CD’s and make a fortune out of it, not the average computer user. If they only keep to getting Mr. Big and his mates then I wish them every success.

So long as that Mr Big does not happen to be online file sharing. But frankly I don’t care about that either. I mean, what chance have they got of stopping online file sharing. And no-one wants to listen to their crap music anyhow. :4

Yes music piracy and just about every other illegal activity are high because the economy is on it’s last leg…this is just some RIAA and US govt arsekissing…there is a multi billion dollar trade agreement at stake here…another reason why people hate americans…:7

Not Americans themselves, just America. No wait, not that either: We just hate Dubya: the environment burning, innocent man executing, Alaska drilling, oil industry butt-kissing (well Exon Mobil pay for his administration, what do you expect?) unelected president! :r