Record companies negotiate about their own CD factory

I just posted the article Record companies negotiate about their own CD factory.

Five big record companies (Sony, BMG, Warner Music Group and EMI) are negotiating to work together in a new venture for manufacturing CDs. This according to the Wall Street Journal.


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If the record industries continue on this path they are doomed(probably the best thing that could happen). What have they accomplished so far? They shut down Napster. Is anyone having problems getting mp3s? Nope! In fact more people are doing it. So far all they done is expedite the sharing. :stuck_out_tongue: Now the disaster begins, as more cds are copy protected the price goes up, the sales go down and the snowball effect takes them right to the ground. Bye Bye record moguls. Kiss your Beemers goodbye. :+

I doubt they are going to lower cd prices. It all has to do with one thing, GREED. Greedy record execs. will not lower prices because they want more houses, cars, hookers, ect.

The record industry is basically a career path for the mentally challenged. Which other company, when having financial problems would spend millions investing in a technology that is going to put people off of their products even more? Lame hoes!