Record companies financing sabotage software in war against piracy

How do you tell which is a “legitimate” mp3 and which is an “illegal” mp3? And if its via the tag, whos to say it doesnt stay intact over a P2P prog? Failed logic. I have my linksys hub’s built in firewall, BlackIce firewall, norton AV 2003 and Ad-Aware Auto Protect. Bring it on.

We all need to basically forget about the RIAA. The RIAA is pretty much just a front operation for all the major record labels. So if any action is to be called it should be against these labels. Get a hold of a list of their 100 biggest shareholders and get emailing. THAT might work, but sending anything to the RIAA is pointless. Furthermore, as mentioned before, hacking is a far more serious crime than copyright infringement. In fact I do believe it qualifies as terrorism in these times. So I would be very interested in seeing them try these methods. I think even ‘planning’ these things are highly illegal, so I hope someone in law-enforcement is paying attention.