Record companies financing sabotage software in war against piracy

I just posted the article Record companies financing sabotage software in war against piracy.

dday and tark101 both used our news submit to report us that according to
industry executives some of the world’s biggest record companies are financing the

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It doenst matter what they try these kind of protections / trojans will be worked around by people releasing programs to neutrilise them. I doubt most antivirus vendors are going sit back and let these programs lock up and delete files from the hard drive as these can be classified as viruses. I expect most antivirus companies will make definitions to detect and delete these files. All the record companies are doing is releasing viruses.

Nothing will win over the customers like erasing HDs. Everyone think back to this when some crazy music nut parks a truck bomb in front of the RIAA HQ Timothy McVeigh style. After something like that, piracy will be officially part of terrorism. Antivirus companies will probably get a call or fax from the RIAA’s legal department telling them if they block the programs they will be sued I bet 100% of the virus companies do what they are told, just like ISPs. I’m sure the DMCA could be used to force them to comply in fact.

…that is a really lousy countermeasure…i cant believe they would try something like that…

I don’t know why people are so upset about them defending against the overwhelming amount of music and video piracy that goes on.
It really amazes me to see that people don’t realize that sharing music files is illegal, its copyright violation, with each file that is ‘shared’ it means that a CD wasn’t purchased which takes money out of the hands of everyone in the chain, from shop owner to the artist that created it and everyone who lives off of the funds paid them [makeup artist, courier, the supplier of the chair at the music video site, etc, etc] and since the playing field is electronic, they should be able to defend their property.
Now, with that said, I think they are tempting fate by creating apps that wipe harddrives, or crash systems. Its bound to pull more hackers into the fold of defending against the RIAA applications. An escalation effect will occur.
Now, the DMCA should also be cleaned out, its a nightmare and can be used against nearly anyone, for anything.
Yes, I think its too expensive to get 2 good songs for , yes I think they should lower the costs or allow personal rips of individual songs. Grok and Morph, as a service, is legal, but not the use alluded to here, to share copyrighted material. e.g. You can’t ban the gun because it kills people because it has had and could have overwhelming redeeming value, such is the case with the P2P networks, not everyone uses it to share copyrighted material. [cough… cough cough]
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What about my personal ‘backup’ of my audio CD’s in MP3 format? I own an MP3 player and like to listen to my audio cd’s in MP3 format, what if I just ripped these songs and one of these brilliant programs comes along (which I doubt will get through seeing there will be so many programs released to prevent these programs from doing anything) and deletes all my MP3’s?? Could this be grounds to sue ??

we all know darn well if these trojans behave as described, lawsuits will ensue and deservedly so. if one person at work DL music and another person uses the computer and the trajon affects the second person they will be pissed and sue. Anitvirus software will stop this also.

Well DRJ… to be honest… if all the MP3’s you have are your “backups” then you’ll have no reason to worry as these “brilliant programs” would only be downloaded if you’re trying to steal music from P2P. Meaning, if you get one, you’re trying to steal music… so if your precious mp3’s are all backups and you don’t steal the files… you’ve no need to worry.

Arent they violating the DMCA when they create a program to delete files off ones computers?

For people that are defending the RIAA / Music industry i dont know why you bother. The point is they are just money greedy corporations that have made so much cash of the consumer by charging high prices for CDS. I am perfectly happy to pay for DVDS because you get great value and picture but with cds your paying sometimes the same prices as dvds, why? If they cut the price of audio cds in half they woudlt have these problems today. They charge the consumer high prices in the past and now they are being paid back for all their greed. These people dont care about music, they care just about how much money they can rake in. DVD is well worth the prices but audio cds are overpriced its a fact.

The RIAA have E-mail addresses. If they swamp the file sharing networks with Malacious code, fake songs, etc. Then we should do the same with them, but in a different way that anyone including novice E-mail users could do: Get everyone, including friends, relatives etc. to E-mail them with a message asking to cut down CD prices. Either they will get the message or if not they will begin filting words like ‘cut’, ‘prices’, ‘drop’, etc. Hopefully, someday they will learn! :d

…the more advanced student could pull out a trusty cough email proggy cough and give the RIAA a taste of its own medicine. :d Kids, don’t try this without one heckuva proxy. Or the Six/Four Project. C’mon, release a final already!

Music, today, is shite and expensive. The RIAA should lower prices and the BPI should go even further. Another solution to their woes would be to promote proper music and less manufactured TELETUBBIE pop tripe! Only teenie 7 year olds to 13 year olds download music. RIAA ADAPT AND CHANGE OR DIE. Remember all the the great civilisations have come and gone.

Laws like the DMCA are researched and written by the people who want them passed (lobby groups for the entertainment industries). And sometimes they are even copy written so they can’t be distributed to the people for free.

“Record companies financing sabotage software in war against piracy” Trojans? Freeze? Silence? Wiping hard drives? Who the hell gave the RIAA perission to become some sort of vigilantes? But I guess it’s alright if it has to do with profit making. Those clowns are going to do nothing but drive sales down further with these tactics. snicker ROFLMAO! Bring it on Biatch!

if this delete progs are real, i have a solution BURN THE MP3’s TO CD’s and share your CD-Unit!!! or even better BURN TO DVD 4.7GB of MP3 ready for sharing!!! That should piss them off!!!:d

their shining field record with technology will undoubtly give them an edge over consumers. riaa executives : all your base are belong to us.

so if your precious mp3’s are all backups and you don’t steal the files… you’ve no need to worry.-----this is a lame response. i spent weeks “audiograbbing” over 8000 songs into my pc so i can dj directly from the pc. i should not have to do that again whatsoever. & the other comment: I am perfectly happy to pay for DVDS because you get great value and picture…thats what ive been saying. give me 5.1 24/96 dvd-a & some video & ill be happy to pay rather than settle for the old style stereo-only compressed format.

If they release these and they effect people in the UK they are going to get sued like crazy. Malisciously changing the contents of a persons hard drive is classed specifically as hacking and so is directly breaking the law. They might be a huge corporation but if they do release anything like this, it is such a direct breach of UK laws that even with their big fancy lawyers they are going to get sued, hopefully for so much they get royally f*cked up the ass. Hopefully the peer to peer programs will start including their own ‘anti-virus’ software that automatically detects these files and just removes them instantly. As for Norton etc. they might be puppies who do what they are told but they’re also a corporation that needs to make money. If they dont detect and delete these files they will no longer be considered a reliable anti-virus solution and so will loose customers and profits and they wont do that.

These programs will never work except on your shared directories. I back up all my 30,000 mp3 and share them from a DVD R while the other DVD R is copying movies I rented from blockbuster. The RIAA and MPAA will never win. Sorry onlinetracker and jab1981 who support the RIAA and MPAA arelosers who work for the RIAA or they have only Dial-up and can’t download.