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I have had an LG RH1999H HDD/DVD Recorder for a couple of years now.
Please note the third 9 in the product number. I did not find that product listed in the product list here, but only the product with two 9’s. I assume it is the same, but I am not sure.

Up to now I have mostly used it to record and playback programs from the TV-channels available in South Africa with a normal aerial. Last week I purchased a satellite dish and related decoder for pay-TV channels. The decoder works and we can watch TV with it. However, when I press the “record” button on the LG recorder it displays " record blocking signals detected" for a second and does NOT record most of the time. On rare occasions it records for a second or 2, then displays the same message and stops again.

It still records well from the normal aerial.

I have already removed the “regional code” as instructed by some people on this forum successfully, but it does not fix the problem.

Can anybody help?

Thank you.


The problem here is that the pay-TV provider has put an access-control flag into the content. All digital recorders that receive digital broadcast signals will trigger the access control flag - and since it has already been encoded with the signal, there is no legitimate way at all whatsoever to circumvent it. The content providers can use one of the following access control flags:

  • The user cannot record this content at all (here in the US, it mainly apples to long sports programs and newscasts);

  • The user may record this content using the pay TV provider’s own proprietary DVR device but is only permitted to play back this recording on the exact DVR that made the recording (usually applied to movies in this country);

  • The user may record this content provided that any copies made on anything other than the pay TV provider’s DVR get degraded to analog standard definition (SD) before being allowed to recorded to disc.


Thank you . I will verify that with the pay-TV- provider. It is certainly not mentioned in any of their advertisement and they are just new on the market and have only 1 type of decoder (by my knowledge). I would like to leave the question open until I can get confirmation from them. Thanks again.


This device will fix your problem.



I have the same “issue” with the TV-on-demand channels from my cable co. (two different DVD recorders used) - regular cable/free-to-air channels are fine for me, but again that will depend on your provider.

I don’t want to record stuff from those channels often enough to look into the various devices that will sort out the problem, though. :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Rusty-USA;2519321]This device will fix your problem.


Hmmmmm . . . might have to invest in one of those myself. :iagree:


[QUOTE=Rusty-USA;2519321]This device will fix your problem.[/QUOTE]

But then, maybe not. That stabilizer will only work with analog signals (or digital signals that have already been degraded to analog). However, it would do you no good if the pay TV provider completely blocks out the analog hole. Thus, if you get a video signal through an HDCP-enabled digital out but no video at all from the analog out, then the program access control is set to completely seal the analog hole.


@ RJL65

Hey, you got that right!
I’ve been following this thread on the AVS forum.



[QUOTE=Rusty-USA;2519321]This device will fix your problem.


Thank you Rusty. I had come accross this device in my previous searches on the internet. The comments I read said something like:“try a stabiliser, it may or may not work”. So, I have not immediately jumped onto it. In this thread also RJL65 gives some explanation why it may not work. I must say that I have no clue whether the pay-TV provider completely blocks the analog.

The good news is that Grex lists my recorder specifically as 'tested", so it is very likely that it will work.

But I am not totally ready yet to spend the money and order one. I still want to have an answer from the pay-TV provider. I have left 2 messages today and they have not replied yet.

Rene. :slight_smile:


If your Cable or SAT provider shuts down your analog out, you may be able to over come that with this devise.

At the current price I don’t plan on buying one if ever!



Thank you again Rusty. I have looked at that Fury device, but I don’t think that that is my problem at the moment. The problem is not (yet) the quality of the signal that I get. It is that I get nothing when I attempt to record.

I have left several messages with the pay-TV company. They promise that their technical service will call back, but I have waited a week now and they are ignoring me. A local dealer in electronic equipment has confirmed to me that there are many people complaining about this issue. So, we will take it up with the company.

I will close this topic for now.