Record audio from SKYPE

Hey all. I am looking for a program (preferably freeware) that can just lay in the background and record the audio from Skype, for example.

My G/F is a psychologist and has to do phone interviews, but her boss wants her to place a voice recorder near the earpiece!!! Well phones are ba enuff, but a voice recorder over the earpiece sounds like crap, if it catches the audio at all.

I figured there must be some software to do this.

prferabls freeware, but if i have to buy software and use it at home instead that could be fine for me.

Ok I tried freecorder, it says it is supposed to record skype, but doesnt record anything except for the microphone. there is settings for other inputs, but it doesnt seem to work so far

also tried opd2d…same result, no recording of the other person, just what is said thru the microphone.

I will look at my speakers/mic/input settings to rectify the situation…but any additional thoughts would be grateful :slight_smile: