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Tired of those low quality online video’s? Here is the solution. With ASFrecorder you can intercept the complete stream and…

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it completely misses the point of ASF streams though… they are LIVE

nice for some things, and not a bad idea though!


Not all asf files are live. I have been to several sites that use asf video streams with pre-recorded video. This app will really help me out.


DiV-X Rulez !!!

well I think its a pretty good idea! when I watch certain things “live” over the internet I get 2 frames/sec or so (due the slow connection) so now I can download them and watch them over again at a normal frame speed

Since DivX isn’t a file type, but a compression format, a lot of asf files DO use DivX. Most MPEG-4’s have an avi extention, in this case they have asf.

anyone know where there is a program like this that will also do rm’s?

Great prog. Recorded severals streams now and it sure improves the quality!! But it is somewhat diificult to find the right URL’s. Found a complete discription in dutch of several methods at You can also find more info in the forum at the asfdownload page.

RM can be recorded with Streambox VCR but that prog is hard to get. If someone has it please post a link.

Need a link? This worx! :slight_smile: (at dis moment)

I really like ASFRecorder and have already downloaded several files from a site. Though I can’t scroll in them…! Don’t know wether its the program or the format the files are written in, but I sure can’t navigate them… Any tips or ideas? Appreciete it. (WinXp / WMP 7.1)

Anyone know of a format that converts them into DivX or better…? Better cus I’ve heard there’s at least one new format competing with DivX to be released… Regards.

I use ASFRecorder V1.1 but I get error “reply 405 - Server host rewrite error” when trying to record from URL: They have an intro clip followed by the best stream. Neep help !!!