Recoomend me a retail internal SATA DVDRW which can have a region free firmware applied..?

I was looking at this but I can’t seem to make the firmware (version 1.63 which I downloaded from here) load in Media Speed Code Edit so I don’t know if I can patch it to Region Free. Do I need to download a different version of the same firmware, or is this because only versions up to 1.62 are supported? It’s quite hard to find documentation on why a file might not load in MCSE!

Anyway, I need a retail kit as I don’t have any screws or SATA cable. I’m mainly going to be using it for READING/RIPPING discs, rather than burning, so I’d like to know your recommendations for a drive that i can easily make region free…?

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EDIT - [i]It seems perhaps I could cross flash it, but I can’t work out how I would go about t his or where I would get the firmware from to do it…? Happy to do this if it will provide a solution

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The Sony DRU-190 series is a recycled Liteon drive. So LtnRPC should work.


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I wasn’t sure if that tool was up to date as it doesn’t seem to be linked to a full listing of recent drives!

sounds like it does still work for recent drives though…?

Well I picked up the DRU-190S and used LtnRPC and it worked absolutely brilliantly.