Reconstruction - Just Something I Watched



I got my fill of good weird movies with this one. Although I missed it when it played at Universal a while back, they just released the DVD and the extras are really cool, too.

Reconstruction, which tells of a love story in which nothing is typical, is by far the best film not made my Lars Von Trier or David Lynch, although luckily it didn’t follow the path of Dancer In The Dark – I couldn’t handle that again. It has a subtle beauty to it, and some could even view it as a romantic movie (which it is), but it has so many other levels and influence. Dark, somewhat sci-fi, and full of odd occurrences for the main character.

Plus, the cinematography is award-worthy (I think it actually did win the Cannes last year), and there’s so many things that I can’t say about this movie right now but want to, they’d probably have more on the Palm Pictures website. There, I just had to talk about this film, has anyone else seen it by chance who want to entertain me?