Reconmendation for a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive?

I’m looking to replace my ageing Creative 8x DVD-ROM drive and AOpen 32x12x48 CD writer
Just bought myself an NEC-2500a which isn’t always the best for reading discs

Looking at buying a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive
Any suggestions?
I’ve seen a LiteOn 52X32X52X CD-RW & 16X DVD-ROM COMBO Drive for approx £30
Read a few reviews that say it’s good but not without it’s problems i.e. some problems with some scratched media and problems writing at 52x
Another thing in it’s favour is to be able to do Kprobe tests

Is there anything better on the market (preferably at about the same price)
My AOpen drive has been a good servant, can’t remember the last bad disc

Thanks :slight_smile:


LiteOn 48161H. Or if that isn’t available, the 5232K.

I made good experience with a Samsung SM-352 drive

It’s the 5232k that I’ve seen
So is the 48161H better?

I dunno if the 48x drive is better. I am suggesting it only because I have one and can vouch for it, which I can’t do for the other drive. :wink: My guess is that the 52x drive does just as well, but I don’t have one.

On that note, the difference between 48x and 52x is just a few seconds, and 32x RWs are almost impossible to find…

I have a 40x and 52x burner at home. the 40x burner is just 5-10 seconds slower than the 52x. 52x is just a marketing instrument for the user

I have had Lite-On 48161H and Samsung SM-352B. I cannot remember if I had a LG combo as well. I thought I had but I cannot find one at home.

Lite-On was later than Samsung and LG. Samsung was the first to release the fastest combo drives. Later, Lite-On finally released 48x and then 52x. 5232K is just as good as 52x32x52x combo drives from Samsung and LG and just as cheap, too.

The prices are about the same for all of them three and in every country I have checked. In my experiences and what I’ve read in the official reviews, combo drives are generally better than DVD-ROM drives and CD-R writers mainly because manufacturers switched focus on combo’s long ago, almost neglecting the other two types since then. I mean why should they continue to produce tens of millions of drives that can only do either CD-R writing or DVD-ROM reading when they can produce combo drives that can do both for about the same cost? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies
Looking at getting the 5232k next week :slight_smile: