Recommending reburning discs with sticky labels?


Ive come across abit of a dilemma, quite alot of my dvd discs I have burnt I have used sticky labels on, as they didnt have a printable face. After scanning the forums, i get the general idea that sticky labels are a bad idea in terms of readabliity and quality to discs.

After scanning a few discs (attached below), im not sure whether to consider re-burning all the discs with sticky labels on (as some appear to be good) or to scan all of the discs and reburn the ones which appear bad. The problem with these scans though is that im not sure whether the burns were like this before the label was applied, for all im aware the disc would have been read the same without a sticky label on.

Also, is it likely that the discs which are good will detoriate more rapidly due to the use of the label?
Please could anyone help me out with a nice discussion on what is recommended.

As you can see, the results vary. This are all randomly picked and are from various batches with different MIDs.

My suggestion is to reburn all these discs soon after they start to gice reading problems.

Until that, you can use these discs. It’s a waste to get rid of all these discs if they still are readable. But when they start to give some problems, then copy all data on HD and reburn without sticky labels.

what’s the problem? those are all very good scans

Ditto! :iagree: :iagree:

Is for this reason that I suggested to reburn these discs only after they start to give problems (too bad, usually discs with labels start to give problems in lesser time than discs wothout labels :frowning: )

can anyone teach me how to edit music in latest nero burner

some of the burns in the first post im abit concerned about. mainly the high PIF, especially on the last 3 burns of the first post

or am i just worrying too much and its not going to affect anything

As I said, I suggest you to reburn these discs, but until they are playable leave these discs. I’t a waste to reburn a working disc.

When they start to give problems, then reburn immediately to avoid to loose data. If you want, can also reburn all right now. It’s a your choice.

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Yeah i think your right, i dont want to waste discs reburning. I think i’ll scan through most of the discs and just make sure they are decent enough burns. As I said, they may have been like that before i put the label on. From most what ive scanned, the majority are good burns, just the odd on.

Thanks anyways

Maybe I’m too :rolleyes: …cdfreaks, but I do scans for ALL discs I burn :bigsmile:

think i will do that from now on, learned from my mistakes, even though its more time consuming

Yes, is more time consuming, particularly for my liteon, because liteon standard scan speed here on the forum is 4x, and it require more time than benq scans (standard speed scan 8x), but in my opinion is worth because in this way I see after burning if something goes bad, and can redo the burning if necessary.